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5G Drives Innovation Around The World


Cities and governments around the world are preparing for 5G, all trying to offer wide scale improvements and options for citizens. With the upcoming introduction of 5G wireless capability, companies and consumers across the globe have been preparing for the evolution this development promises. Each country is hoping their developments help them stand out in an ever increasing field of innovators, necessitating improved and increased infrastructure around the planet.

As we approach the 2020s, the demand for data is reaching a point where a bottleneck is occurring with existing infrastructure capabilities, and until 5G technologies are standardized and implemented, other infrastructure such as expanded LTE or wifi coverage is needed to meet the demand. Below is an overview of what is going on around the world to both prepare for 5G and offset wireless data from existing infrastructure as we transition into the next generation of wireless.

Residents in Russia are also on track towards seeing major advancements in wireless service. The mayor of Moscow has been in talks with a number of different mobile carriers over the last few weeks, all in the name of bringing 5G to Moscow. Early estimates suggest by 2020, the Russian capital may have widespread access to 5G capabilities. This plan, in conjunction with the Moscow local government, could help elevate the country in the race for capacity. They intend to test the developing limits of 5G during the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup in Moscow & St. Petersburg. Doing so will allow them to see if the system is able to withstand the amount of bandwidth that a major international sporting event like that will require.

Meanwhile, many American cities are in the middle of developing and testing 5G across the nation. Verizon and Samsung have formally announced their plans to begin customer trials of their new 5G technology across eleven cities in the United States by the end of 2017, Ann Arbor, MI, Atlanta, GA, Bernardsville, NJ, Brockton, MA, Dallas, TX, Houston, TX, Denver, CO, Miami, FL, Seattle, WA, Sacramento, CA, Washington, DC. By utilizing a 28GHz mm-wave spectrum and a specialized antenna system, the two companies will be able to use Verizon data centers to link with consumers and gauge current 5G capabilities.

The implementation of 5G networks throughout the world will have profound effects on society. Existing wireless technology has already dramatically changed daily life, in ways that we do not always see. Fire and burglar alarms throughout the country are often connected via wireless, enabling police and fire departments to respond to emergency situations at a heightened response time. 5G will enable everyday items such as refrigerators, sprinkler systems, dish washers, and just about anything with an on/off switch to be connected, without the network being overloaded. With 5G upping speeds all around the world, these ideas become easier to comprehend, and are rapidly becoming the new reality we depend on.



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