T-Mobile Moving Forward With 600 MHz Spectrum


In the aftermath of the massive Federal Communications Commission (FCC) spectrum auction, mobile carrier T-Mobile has announced their intentions to use their newly acquired low-band spectrum to enhance the capability of their wireless coverage.

T-Mobile was the big winner during the auction, winning 45% of the total available broadcast spectrum in the largest investment the mobile carrier has ever committed to. Their new spectrum will be implemented across the nation and even into Puerto Rico, allowing their service to extend all around the country. With this announcement comes a series of updates on the company’s plans towards preparing for 5G wireless. T-Mobile plans to utilize 600 MHz-enabled network equipment that is currently being prepared by manufacturers such as Ericsson and Nokia to begin their deployment of spectrum support all around the United States. T-Mobile touts several advantages to this nearly $8 billion spectrum purchase; the new low-band spectrum will initially be relatively clear of traffic, as opposed to the far more congested higher LTE frequencies currently in use. The improved wireless capability will also help expand the T-Mobile LTE network, helping strengthen the previously established network. The new low-band spectrum will significantly improve on coverage, whether inside or outside, and will help the data travel at higher speeds across greater distances.

Some of the newfound wireless capacity will also be utilized for current T-Mobile and MetroPCS customers, with improvements on their service by the end of 2017. Neville Ray, T-Mobile CTO, said in a statement that, “T-Mobile’s network is already the fastest, most advanced in the country, and this will take it to a whole new level – and we’ll do it FAST… Our team has a history of deploying network technologies at record-breaking pace – including the fastest recorded LTE deployment in US history.  We’re ready to break records again on 600 MHz.”

Overall, T-Mobile is heavily invested in emerging wireless technologies and network advancements including 5G capability. John Legere, President & CEO of T-Mobile, announced the new plans for the future of the carrier in a brief video released earlier this month, stating, “These auction results are a win for everyone, especially consumers, and generated BILLIONS for broadcasters and US taxpayers… This spectrum sets us up to bring the Un-carrier – and REAL competition – to wireless customers everywhere, many of whom have never had real choices in wireless… T-Mobile now has the largest swath of unused low-band spectrum in the country. Because T-Mobile customers will be able to speed on a brand-new, wide-open wireless freeway, while carrier customers have to crawl along on their clogged, congested low-band freeways. That is a BFD for our customers!”



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