President Trump unveils broadband executive orders


President Donald Trump’s administration unveiled last week a pair of executive orders meant to eliminate barriers to expanding broadband infrastructure in rural America. The move was met with praise from the National Association of Tower Erectors.

“NATE thanks President Trump and his administration for their leadership and the proactive approach they are taking in order to enhance rural broadband deployment,” said Executive Director Todd Schlekeway in a written statement. “NATE member companies are on the front lines making connectivity possible in all corners of the United States and stand ready to work to deploy and maintain new communications infrastructure in rural areas.”

One order would allow the Department of Interior to give private companies access to equipment like radio towers that is located on government land. The other charges government agencies with streamlining the application process and coming up with plan to reduce the regulatory burden for the industry.

According to the orders, “too many American citizens and businesses still lack access” to the economical broadband internet service, which is necessary “to succeed in today’s information-driven, global economy.“

NATE counts as its members hundreds of American and international companies.



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