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  • Shanghai


    Opinion: A pragmatic look at overseas manufacturing

    I just wrapped up another fantastic trip to China, my third. Visiting our overseas factories as we gear up to launch an antenna division later...

  • FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai

    Industry News

    Commissioner Ajit Pai tapped as FCC Chairman

    President Trump has tapped current Federal Communications Commission Commissioner Ajit Varadaraj Pai as the next Chairman of the FCC. A move not requiring Senate confirmation...

  • Cell Tower


    Wireless CapEx Alert – Verizon Wireless Full-Speed Ahead!

    Apparently, Verizon Wireless (VZW) did not get the memo about a slowdown in capital expenditures (capex). On July 21st, VZW reported 2Q15 capital expenditures of...

  • Carriers

    Dish in talks to acquire T-Mobile

    After several years of speculation as to what would happen to T-Mobile after the failed AT&T merger in 2011, today news emerged that satellite television...

  • NATE

    Press Release

    NATE Reaches 800 Member Milestone

    (Watertown, SD) – The National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE) announced last week that it has officially reached the 800 member mark. SmartWave Technologies LLC,...

  • Carriers

    In-Building Wireless – Big Market, Big Money!

    The U.S. in-building wireless (IBW) equipment market will tally more than $47 billion through 2020. Big bucks are attractive but getting to them will be...

  • 5G

    Industry News

    5 years to 5G?

    Last month, Nokia Networks made industry waves when they unveiled a demonstration in New York of 5G technologies with peak speeds of 10Gbps. To put...

  • Towers


    U.S. Wireless CapEx, Part 3 – Carriers “All-In” for 2015!

    Note: This is part 3 of a series of articles analyzing the U.S. Wireless CapEx. See Part 1: U.S. Wireless CapEx – It’s Looking Up!. See...

  • CapEx


    Big U.S. Wireless Carriers Maintain 2015 CapEx Guidance

    Verizon and AT&T both reported their 1Q15 results this week. On balance, the news was good, with both companies expressing a positive outlook for 2015 performance....

  • Nokia ALU

    Industry News

    Nokia and ALU to merge

    Nokia has released a press release outlining their merger with Alcatel-Lucent: Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent to Combine to Create an Innovation Leader in Next Generation Technologies...